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Mother India is streaming online on Jio and Eros Now.

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Mother India is an Indian film from director Mehboob Khan from 1957 and is the most successful and popular Hindi film.

Box Office

Box Office : est.₹80 mn

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Mother India Latest Songs

  • Matwala Jiya Dole Piya
  • O Gaadiwale
User Review
  • 4.5/5
By Pratik Singh

If someone wants to know real India, its here. It smartly pictured all aspects of rural India, which was once golden sparrow. Series of intense scenes increases the attention of audience and make it memorable movie. same can be said for acting. Nargis is too good to realize that this is not reality. Many times it seems that real life going on. Some of best scenes are in first half which keeps audience mourning all the time. Basic plot of story is nicely presented. Many of city people thinks that women in village are not free and can not do anything. But this type of movie show value of women in rural society. There are many Radha can be found in Rural India. Its just they have...

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