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Meka Suri 2 2020

Meka Suri 2 Director : Trinadh Velisila

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Meka Suri 2 is streaming online on ZEE5.

Meka Suri 2 Plot

The story starts with a time lapse of 20 years. Suri is now a most-wanted criminal. Top cop Arjun is assigned the case to trace Suri and put him behind the bars. But the only information Arjun has of Suri is that he was shot dead years ago. Arjun does not even know how Suri looks now or where he is. He goes to Raghuram in search of clues but in vain. He gets to know the entire revenge story and also the reason why Suri became a criminal. After great efforts, Arjun is able to track Suri. He tries to trap Suri through a sting operation but it backfires. Suri is too smart for Arjun and throws him an open challenge by giving him names of the people he is going to kill. He challenges Arjun to stop him if he can. In spite of Arjun's perfect planning, Suri outsmarts Arjun again. But finally Arjun finds a loophole of Suri. He finds out that Suri had killed an innocent man unknowingly.

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