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Mazhavilkavadi 1989

a.k.a മഴവില്‍കാവടി

Mazhavilkavadi Director : Sathyan Anthikad

Mazhavilkavadi Plot

Velayudham and his cousin Valli are in love since their childhood. Her father Shankarankutty hates Velayudham and looks for a groom for his daughter. One day, Velayudham and Valli try to elope but Shankarankutty finally capture them. Vexed by this misadventure, Velayudham leaves his village to Palani in order to find a job with the help of his friend Kunju Khader (Charle). Kunju Khader turns out to be a pickpocket.

Mazhavilkavadi Cast

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