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A shady money deal goes wrong and in the aftermath Mathan ends up killing a police officer. Meanwhile in Kochi, his old flame Aparna an aspiring actress is struggling to prop up her career. Mathan meets up with Aparna and tries to rekindle the past, even as the police hunt for him gets intense.

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  • Mayaanadhi Official Trailer 4K | Tovino Thomas | Aishwarya Lakshmi | Aashiq Abu | Rex Vijayan
User Review
  • 5/5
By Shine Mathew
One of the most engaging and beautiful romantic dramas in recent years

Mayaanadhi is pure poetry in motion. Every frame, every dialogue is meticulously crafted. The movie tells the story of Apu and Mathan and their urban life and love story. Mayaanadhi is a movie that is best enjoyed with headphones on because of the masterful sound design and acoustics of the movie.

Mayaanadhi is a refreshing watch in this age of clichéd predictable big budget cinema. The movie depicts an urban love story in one of the most sensitive and realistic portrayals of modern day love. The two main lead characters are very well written with lots of emotional depth. You are really swept into their fascinating relationship that is a far cry from the usual boy meets girl stories we...

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