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Maya Mayooram 1993

a.k.a മായാമയൂരം

Maya Mayooram Director : Sibi Malayil

Maya Mayooram Plot

Nanda (Revathi) is in love with a leading architect Narendaran (Mohan Lal), both of whom are in Bangalore. While they are talking on top of a building Narendran slips and falls down dying instantly. Nanda escorts the corpse to his homeland in Kerala. To her surprise she sees Narendran's twin brother Unni (Mohan Lal), who looks exactly like Narendran. She thinks Narendran is not dead and everyone is trying to fool her. Narendran's parents want Nanda to marry Unni but he is already in love with Bhadra (Shobana).

Maya Mayooram Cast

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