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Match Point is Woody Allen’s satire of the British High Society and the ambition of a young tennis instructor to enter into it. Yet when he must decide between two women - one assuring him his place in high society, and the other that would take him far from it - palms start to sweat and a dark psychological match in his head begins.

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Budget : $15 mn
Box Office : $85.3 mn

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By Madhurima Mukhopadhyay

Pretty much similar to the plot of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment,Match Point has a protagonist who is a thorough social climber who kills an old lady deeming his interests superior compared to those around him. His mental anxieties,the guilt and his responses are quite similar to those of Raskolnikov's,yet pretty different in the way Allen has depicted him as a modern day man. Chris (Rhys Meyers) is man person whose every action is driven by a greed for money and his motives are interrupted by lust-he commits mistakes and relies on his luck to escape the aftermath. A thrilling screenplay with strong performances,Match Point is worth several watches.

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