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Guillermo del Toro presents Mama, a supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When they are rescued years later and begin a new life, they find that someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night.

Box Office

Budget : $15 mn
Box Office : $146.4 mn

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  • 3.5/5

This Movie is just awesome. Wasnt expecting much when i decided to see it. But the moment the movie started i knew this is something special. A great story, not usual exorcism stupidity, but a solid concept and great acting by the two little girls in the movie. and the ghost was perfect. The element of surprise was just too much to handle sometimes and the movie will keep your heart racing throughout the movie. A must watch for horror movie fans as i am one too.

A pure beauty, please watch this one.

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