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Legend 2014

Legend Director : Boyapati Srinu

Legend Plot

Legend’s (Balakrishna) family Vs Jitender’s (Jagapthi Babu) family. Jitender & Co belongs to cruel and wicked political family who don’t mind killing people. Jitender visits Vizag for wedding match. On his return trip, his car accidentally hits an old man which draws flak from locales. Village head Suman asks Jitender to tender an apology and compensation to victim’s family. Taking it as a great disrespect, fuming Jitender vows to take revenge against Suman’s family. Jitender kills Suman (Legend’s father) and his wife Suhasini (Legend’s mother). Krishna (Balakrishna) is an NRI, who does not tolerate injustice against anyone. He is in love with Sneha (Sonal Chauhan). The couple comes to India to seek his grandmother's blessings for their wedding. But Krishna lands in a problem with Jitendra whose son is killed by Krishna while saving a person, Jitendra wants to kill Krishna & his family. The crux of the story is what happens next and how and who stops Jitendra.

Legend Cast

User Review
  • 3/5
By Shikhar Srivastava
Performanes and music say it loud

Balakrishna is good to watch. But the main show is being stolen by the great Jagapathi Babu in his first negative role. He truly nails that role. I am dissatisfied with the role Bhrahmanandam was given. Such a talent should'nt be left unutilised. The cast has some actors from the bollywod fame. But that really wasn't much necessary. Nevertheless, it was okay. The plot is very simple, but overpowered by a thick layer of melodrama, family problems and revenge shouts. Overall, a one time watch.

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