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Raj a mere bachelor, who has no intention of marrying is being convinced by his uncle. His uncle passes on the duty to Namrata a married woman whose husband Sanjeev leave her five years ago. Namrata is responsible for finding Raj a suitable bride, while she is busy finding girls for him, he is busy along with his mischievous friend Adi straying away all the girls by making up wired plans. But Raj falls in love with the match - maker herself. While this is happening Sanjeev, Namrata's husband return and foil all plans between Raj and Namrata.

Box Office

Budget : Rs. 8,00,00,000
Box Office : Rs. 13,08,27,500

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  • 3/5
By MovieMavenGal

Just the right mix of sweet and melodrama for me, and so interesting that they made it years before they started dating. I gather it was not a hit, and wonder if it was because of the divorce issue in the movie or just wasn't liked.

Cute song sequences, too.

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