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High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen randomly, and the two must adjust their lives around each other.

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Box Office : US$196 mn

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  • 「君の名は。」特報 (your name.)
  • 「君の名は。」予告2
  • 「君の名は。」予告
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By Sha Shewakar

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Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl living in the town of Itomori near Hida region. She is bored with small town life and wishes to be a handsome Tokyo boy in her next life. She begins to switch bodies intermittently with Taki Tachibana, a high school boy in Tokyo, when they wake up. They communicate by writing messages on paper, phones and sometimes on each other's skin. Mitsuha causes Taki to develop a relationship with his coworker Miki, while Taki causes Mitsuha to become popular in school.

One day, Taki, as Mitsuha, accompanies her grandmother and sister to leave the ritual alcohol kuchikamizake, made by Mitsuha, as an offering at the family shrine on a mountaintop...

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