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Kattradhu Thamizh 2007

a.k.a கற்றது தமிழ்

Kattradhu Thamizh Director : Ram

Kattradhu Thamizh Plot

A young Tamil-postgraduate, who, frustrated with the circumstances and futility of his job, slowly loses his mental balance and becomes a psychopath.

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  • 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]
Must see

There was lot of hype about this movie on pre-release and heard that Jeeva was saying this movie will take Tamil movie to the next level.

At the outset if I want to think of this movie and write a review... I would say I am confused or rather mused. What does the director wants to convey us?. Is there any content in this feature film?. I cannot put this film in any category.... it is not an art film...it is not a commercial movie... its not a tender lover story.... its not a drama genre... the film is a protagonist view of the modern society and himself.

The story is narrated by the hero to a TV cameraman who is captured by him to record his story. Hope you get it.... Jeeva has fitted...

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