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Orthodox Indian, Raichand, would like his two sons to live together with him and his wife, and get married to girls' of his choice. One of his sons, Rahul, is adopted, while Rohan is his real son. Rahul falls in love with a poor Indian girl named Anjali, and incurs the displeasure of Raichand, they argue and fight, as a result Rahul leaves the house, moves to Britain, and settles down. Raichand now focuses his attention on his real son, Rohan, who has no plans to get married, but is determined to bring Rahul and Anjali back home so that they can be together again. Will Raichand permit Rohan to have his way, or will he also ask him to leave the house?

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Budget : ₹400 mn
Box Office : ₹1.35 bn

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By MovieMavenGal

Rewatched on Blu-ray which was a revelation. I felt like I could count every bead and sequin -- and the embroidery!! The wardrobe was stunning on Blu-ray.

Watched this after dropping off my son at college, and I sobbed harder than SRK or Hrithik! The ending always gets me, but it really hit me hard when the mother sees SRK in the mall after 10 years.

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