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The rough-hewn boss of a lumber crew courts trouble when he steps in to protect the youngest member of his team from an abusive father.

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By Sha Shewakar
[contains spoilers]

Joe Ransom is foreman of a Texan tree-poisoning crew. A 15-year-old drifter named Gary asks Joe for a job, and impresses him with his industriousness. The next day, Gary brings his alcoholic father, Wade, to work, but Wade's poor attitude and laziness gets them fired. Joe witnesses Wade beat Gary and take his money. Gary later goes to Joe's house to ask for his job. Joe agrees, and Gary begins working for him, hiding his money from Wade.

Willie Russell, a criminal with whom Joe has a long-standing feud, shoots and wounds Joe as he leaves a friend's house. Later, Gary meets Willie and asks for a ride home; when Willie makes lewd comments about Gary's younger sister, Dorothy, Gary beats him...

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