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Ishq is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar and Jio.

Ishq Plot

Harbans Rai and Ranjit Rai are two wealthy businessmen who absolutely *loathe* poverty and poor people . As fate would have it , Harbans Rai's daughter Madhu falls for a poor mechanic Raja while Ranjit Rai's son Ajay romances a poor girl Kajal . When Harbans and Ranjit come to know of it they try various ways to separate the lovers.

Box Office

Budget : ₹11 cr
Box Office : ₹50 cr

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User Review
  • 3/5
By MovieMavenGal

I watched Ishq which was so interesting on so many levels! First off, Ajay playing the dreamy eyed softie (like an early Salman Khan), and Aamir the tough lower class guy! The music was particularly good, and Ajay was playing the kind of part I have never seen him do. It was kind of crazy, but I loved it all. Including loving how absolutely evil and conniving the fathers were. The plot twists upon plot twists!! OMG, and how Ajay when he discovers the truth at the end wants to take his own life by smashing the glass everywhere with his wrists! You can only find this level of angst and melodrama in Bollywood. I ate it all up with a spoon.

The chemistry with Kajol and Ajay was off...

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