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Idhaya Thirudan 2006

a.k.a இதயத்திருடன்

Idhaya Thirudan Director : Saran

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Idhaya Thirudan is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Idhaya Thirudan Plot

Deepika (Kamna) can't bear with the control imposed on her life by her mother (Vani Viswanath), who is the Home Secretary. In order to make her mother angry, she uploads some hot pictures of herself and send them via e-mail to a fictitious name "T.Mahesh". But turns out there really is a T.Mahesh (Ravi), her college mate. Circumstances make them run into each other a few more times, which irritates Mayilravanan (Prakash Raj), a policeman who wants to marry Deepika and he'll try to separate them by making alliance with Deepika'mom. Finally all problems are solved and two lovers get united.

Idhaya Thirudan Cast

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