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Ideachi Kalpana 2010

a.k.a Ideachi Kalpana

Ideachi Kalpana Director : Sachin

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Ideachi Kalpana is streaming online on Prime Video and ZEE5.

Ideachi Kalpana Plot

Jayram is an upcoming struggling actor who is slated for greatness or at least his sister Jaywanti thinks so. Her husband Manohar is a lawyer. But he is a fraud. One has to count the fingers of ones hand after shaking hands with him. He has not contested a single case in the court of law. He prefers out of court settlements. Jayram is hit by a car driven by Priti. Priti's brother Mahesh Thakur is the commissioner of Police. Since she had taken her brother's car the hit and run case becomes that of the Commissioner.

Ideachi Kalpana Cast

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