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Hadh कर दी आपने 2000

a.k.a Hadh Kar Di Aapne

Hadh कर दी आपने Director : Manoj Agrawal

Hadh कर दी आपने Plot

Raj Malhotra (Raju) (Govinda), a detective, goes on a European trip to help his friend Sanjay Khanna (Nirmal Pandey) prove that his wife is having an extramarital affair. Khanna and his wife Anjali (Ritu Shivpuri) think that their counterpart is cheating on their relationship and each of them want proof to easily file for divorce. They stop living in the same house and believe their spouse has gone to Europe with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Anjali sends her friend (Rani Mukerji), who shares the same name, on this trip to get information regarding her husband. In a mix-up of different identities, Raju and Anjali fall in love and then, eventually, solve their misunderstandings.

Box Office

Box Office : $42,914

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