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Alex, an immigrant from Ukraine comes to Canada and becomes involved with an online criminal organization called Darkweb. What starts off as a way to help his parents financially, soon becomes a personal vendetta against the entire banking system, when his mother is fired from her job at the bank

Box Office

Budget : $20 mn
Box Office : $7.5 mn

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  • 3/5
By Isha Chakraborty
[contains spoilers]
Compelling narrative, complicated plot

Hacker is the story of a young teenager interested in making fast cash online and settling scores with a big banking corporation.

Hacker has an adamant first-person narrative, from the main protagonist itself but fails to deliver when it comes to smoothness. The plot seemed very rushed and unstable.

The movie shows a significant part of a probable online society that is slowly coming into existence. There were a lot of plot holes (the next sections contains spoilers) like the death of the Federal judge which was not adequately addressed as to who in reality staged it and why. The real identity of Kira's Uncle and his connection to almost everything in the story.

Overall the movie...

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