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Guddu 1995

a.k.a गुड्डू

Guddu Director : Prem Lalwani

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Guddu is streaming online on Voot.

Guddu Plot

When Guddu and Salina end up in a car accident, Salina loses her sight. Guddu soon finds out that he has a brain tumour, and decides to donate his eyes to Salina.

Box Office

Budget : ₹2 cr

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  • 2/5
By Mayank Singh Verma
kill me

The movie is about a young man who is having brain tumour and he has very less time . He can be saved only if he gets operated and that operation can be done by only some expert doctor. The boy is in love with a girl .She loses her eyes in an accident and boy decides to donate his eyes to her after his accident. Even though he has chances to be saved than also he is reluctant to die.And he is no one other than our own Shah Rukh khan. I mean who does that. He even sues his father in a court as he don't want to get operated.But finally after all the drama the movie ends happily son survives , girl gets eyes and father is also happy except for the mom as she died praying...

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