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Gogoler Kirti 2014

a.k.a Gogoler Kirti

Gogoler Kirti Director : Pompy Ghosh Mukherjee

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Gogoler Kirti is streaming online on Hoichoi and Voot.

Gogoler Kirti Plot

Based on Samaresh's popular Gogol fiction Mahish Mardini Uddhar and Rai Raja Uddhar, the film unfolds with a 'sabeki' puja in a Bengal village, where all members of the once-royal household assemble during that time of year and Gogol will take us back to the time when joint households were in vogue. Gogol is in a way the younger version of Feluda who is gadget savvy, knows mob applications, has contemporary tastes and upbringing but still loves to be in a joint family and calls its members 'pisi-na kaka-didibhai-chhotomama etc. He never uses a tab but sharpens his 'magojastro'.

Gogoler Kirti Cast

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