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Freaks and Geeks 1999

Series Ended (1999 - 2000)

Freaks and Geeks Creator : Paul Feig

Freaks and Geeks Plot

High school mathlete Lindsay Weir rebels and begins hanging out with a crowd of burnouts (the "freaks"), while her brother Sam Weir navigates a different part of the social universe with his nerdy friends (the "geeks").

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  • 18. Noshing and Moshing
    17 Oct '00
  • 17. Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers
    10 Oct '00
  • 16. Kim Kelly is My Friend
    05 Sep '00
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User Review
  • 4.5/5
By Sreehari PA
A story of everybody

A fun series that depicts the high school lives of some kids. It's a highly relatable story for many of us. When you are in school, you see yourself as either a "geek" or a "freak". The ones who believe themselves to be "geeks", tries to become one of the seemingly cool kids, "freaks". But the freaks have their own problems and in many ways are jealous of the geeks. One thing that people fail to realise is that everyone has their own freak and geek personas. The whole show is about people discovering their alter being.

Nobody is born a "freak" or a "geek". It's the environment that normally influences what you are, at a point of time. Being a "freak" or a "geek" also depends on the person...

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