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Firefly 2002

Series Ended (2002 - 2003)

Firefly Creator : Joss Whedon

Firefly Plot

Firefly is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. The ensemble cast portrays the nine characters who live on Serenity.

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Latest Episodes - Firefly
  • 14. The Message
    28 Jul '03
  • 13. Trash
    21 Jul '03
  • 12. Heart of Gold
    23 Jun '03
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User Review
  • 5/5
By Rishank

The acting is strong, the writing as excellent, funny and moving, and the effects and sets create a consistent, believable world. Nathan Fillion has done one of his greatest.

I must warn you that the ending is somewhat unfinished... an abrupt ending with so many lose ends, it may leave you with a feeling of grave disappointment when you realize there's no more episodes to watch.

But This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Must watch for anybody. In short, best sci-fi show ever.

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