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A high school slacker pretends to be sick to skip school and have an exciting day off alongside his girlfriend and his best buddy through Chicago, while trying to outwit his obsessive school principal and his unconformited sister along the way.

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  • 1986 trailer
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  • 4/5
By Karan
Deadpool made me watch this movie

Matthew Broderick looked so brilliant in those days. While this film single handedly made him Ferris Bueller forever, at least this is a film that can be seen all throughout the years without dating too badly. Sure, the music and props will signify a time of discontent and bad hairdos, but the idealistic look of a man simply wanting to ditch school has never been made more daringly and charmingly.

Everything about this film was gold, from the postmodern "conversations" with the audience to the little back stories which seem to shape the overall canvas of the film. While Alan Ruck was way too old to play in this movie, at least he proved to be a great opposite to the cool and nonchalant...

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