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Nagraj Manjule’s film is a scorching indictment of the caste system that persists in modern India despite legislation introduced since independence. It is depicted through the eyes of an intelligent Dalit (untouchable) teenager, Jabya, who has a deeply rooted inferiority complex about his looks, caste and his family’s staggering poverty. These feelings prevent him from expressing his affection for his fellow classmate and cherished love, the fair-skinned Shalu, who is the daughter of a higher-caste family. His father is against him going to school and aspiring too highly and fellow villagers expect him to do menial work like the rest of his clan.

Box Office

Budget : ₹1.75 cr
Box Office : ₹7 cr

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  • 4.5/5
By Bhanu Pratap Singh
Makes you sad and thinking. Fun lovers don't watch.

Nagraj Manjule is exceptional. Excellent portrayal of all the wrong that is happening in our society as an after effect of our own thinking, mentality, cult, doings and vanity. The shattering of dreams and the acceptance of being a pig. But, a pig can fight before getting slaughtered. After all, how much even a pig can tolerate? Music, direction and acting, all good.

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