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A man who bears a striking resemblance to a renowned movie star becomes an obsessive fan, but when his fierce love is spurned by the star, he decides to destroy the star's life and reputation.

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Budget : ₹85 cr
Box Office : ₹188 cr

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The movie looks promising after all Shah Rukh Khan has a history of nailing the negative roles. Remember बाज़ीगर डर
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  • 4/5
By Rohon Nag
Narcissistic, Thrilling and Bold

It’s obvious from the trailers that this film is YRF’s love letter to SRK.

This has to be the most narcissistic film EVER made. But is the movie any good ?

Yes. Definitely. The movie is good, but after the end, the entire audience was left with the question, why ? what was the point of the film ? what was it trying to say ?

Fan is about a guy called Gaurav, from Delhi who is super-Star Aryan Khanna’s (SRK) Biggest fan. He wants to meet his idol, show him his trophy. Instead his dreams get crushed and he plots revenge.

The direction of this film is very good. In the first half most scenes are VERY realistic and true to life, not over blown or treated like a typical blockbuster...

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