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Akhil (Akshay Kumar) finds out that he is the heir of 3000 crore rupees as he and his mother were abandoned by his diamond baron father (Panna Laal Johari) who is now dead. However, his life goes Topsy-turvy when he learns that the empire goes to entertainment (a dog).

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User Review
  • 3/5
By Aakanksha Bhatnagar
One - time watch!

I recently went to watch this movie "Its Entertainment". I had not heard very great reviews about it and wasn't expecting a lot from the movie.

The sole reason for my going and watching the movie was because of the DOG the Golden Retriever, "Junior".

The directors have tried their best to make a movie which is rib - tickling but that did not happen, however I found some dialogs to be very stupid instead!

Like when Akshay Kumar says "Hul leke aau kyu kisaan hu kya?" and all those three stupid lines which he adds to every other dialog in a rhyme.

Truly they make no sense to me at all.

But I really liked Johnny Lever's character, though he has done a movie after many years but his full...

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