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Entangled 2014

a.k.a 현기증

Entangled Director : Donku Lee

Entangled Plot

ENTANGLED is a tale of irreversible tragedy. There is a house where a family of four live: mother, her eldest daughter Younghee who is married, younger daughter Kkotnip who is in high school and Younghee’s husband Sangho. The family is filled with happiness when Younghee gives birth to a child, but an unfortunate mishap caused by the mother leads to the death of the child. Totally distraught, Younghee decides to leave her mother’s house with her husband. Mother’s Alzheimer’s condition worsens with the couple moving out and Kkotnip is forced to live in anxiety. At school she is pushed around by schoolmate Junghye and at home she has to deal with her mother who has issues of controlling her emotions. With no one to help her, Kkotnip is driven to the edge.

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