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Dolly Ki Shaadi is streaming online on Youtube.

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The term “close-knit family” is taken to another level in India. Thank God for that! But what do you do when your wife’s closest Aunt becomes too close for comfort? Rohini’s Bua, Lovely is driving her own blood pressure up while looking for a match for her almost-a-marriageable-age daughter, Dolly. Since Rohini’s opinion is extremely important for her, and she is the elder cousin who is always the epitome of perfection, she involves Rohini in the groom-searching abhiyaan. Dolly, who is just 27 and is independent, is completely unsuccessful in explaining to her mother, her own views on marriage. Just when things start getting out of hand, Rohini is called to salvage the situation. Watch a hilarious turn of events when Rishi’s plans start to get disrupted due to DOLLY KI SHAADI!
Dolly Ki Shaadi is a comedy, romance web-series starring MEENAKSHI SETHI, Chhavi Mittal, AVANTIKA GANGULY and Sukant Goel. It is created by Mohit Hussein. Dolly Ki Shaadi is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 3/5
By Gayatri Bhatia

Dolly Ki Shaadi as the name suggests is about Dolly whose mother Lovely, wants her to get married at the earliest and it's about Dolly's adventures of finding a bridegroom for herself.

It is entertaining, makes you witness all the dramas, makes you look at how it is not easy to adjust with your partner's family, and how a happy marriage is organised when everybody supports each other and come together.

I would not say it was #cliched, because it actually wasn't.

Dolly ki Shaadi is one show you can watch whenever you like since it is a light web series. This show is filled with various quirky, savage, heart warming and bright scenes!

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