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Dharm Aur Qanoon 1984

Dharm Aur Qanoon Director : Joshiy

Dharm Aur Qanoon Plot

Justice Diwan lives in a palatial house with his wife, Sharda, and a son named Rajan. Diwan and Rajan do not get along and as a result, Rajan moves out and goes to live in a nearby slum area with two friends, Dr. Bashir Khan and his brother, Rahim. Bashir is in love with Reshma and hopes to marry her soon. Before that could happen, Dr. John, Bashir's senior, gets killed and the police find Bashir there with a knife in his hand. Bashir is arrested and taken to Court, where Justice Diwan finds him guilty and orders that he be hanged. Then a man named Bhurre gets killed, and the evidence points to Rajan, who is also arrested and produced before Justice Diwan, who also finds him guilty, and sentences him to death. Rahim then finds that his house had been burned down and is out on the street. Then the unexpected happens, Sharda is killed, and Diwan finds out that Rahim had been seen outside his house. Will Rahim be the next accused to be sentenced to death by Diwan?

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