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A brilliant medical practitioner finds himself at the centre of a murder plot after taking the daughter of a Russian Police Commissioner back to his hotel room.

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  • 3/5
By Kabbilaash Kumar

It looks like Jeeva's assistant Manikandan along with Harris Jayaraj has made Dhaam Dhoom as a sort of musical tribute to the late filmmaker. The film lacks a solid story, rambles all over between Russia and Tamilnadu, is disjointed, and has continuity problems with a very predictable lackluster ending.

The highlight of the movie is the music of Harris Jayaraj, shot in music video style by Manikandan in never seen before picturesque locations. The Anbae Anbae? song picturisation on Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranut is awesome, in lush green Coorg.

Harris's soft soothing melody is a tribute to his friend Jeeva and all the six songs are beautifully picturised keeping the Jeeva legacy alive....

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