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The story of the early days of Deadwood, South Dakota; woven around actual historic events with most of the main characters based on real people. Deadwood starts as a gold mining camp and gradually turns from a lawless wild-west community into an organized wild-west civilized town. The story focuses on the real-life characters Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen.

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  • 12. Tell Him Something Pretty
    27 Aug '06
  • 11. The Cat Bird Seat
    20 Aug '06
  • 10. A Constant Throb
    13 Aug '06
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User Review
  • 4.5/5
By Rishank

Brilliant acting, brilliant writing, brilliant direction.Along with the incredible dialog and storytelling, possibly the greatest character to ever come on TV or film are in this series.The show is vulgar but cleans up as the show continues and the town grows from a miner's camp to a town. Don't let the first few episodes scare you.

It's truly a drama of memorable characters, dark and ultra-violent… If you love Westerns, don't miss it. Overall Ian McShane is a joy to watch.

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