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Darling 2010

a.k.a డార్లింగ్

Darling Director : A. Karunakaran

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Darling Plot

Prabhas (Prabhas) has a childhood sweetheart named Nandini (Kajal Agarwal) and they are separated during their childhood. Nandini migrates to Swiss along with her father. Meanwhile Prabhas rejects love proposals from other girls as his heart belongs to Nandini. Prabhas gets a chance to meet Nandini for the first time after the separation during the reunion of their respective parents who have studied together. The rest of the story is all about how Prabhas wins the love of Nandini.

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User Review
  • 3/5
By MovieMavenGal

This was a cute Rom com with Prabhas and Kajal, the same stars from Mr. Perfect. They have great chemistry together, but I prefer Mr. Perfect to Darling.

There was a clever device which led to the love story being told twice, once in Switzerland, and once in India.

Prabhas is supposed to be barely out of college in this -- maybe 21? He was much more juvenile than his character in Mr. Perfect, and that was mostly my problem. It's like he was the obnoxious Raj from the beginning of DDLJ who never ever grew up.

It didn't help that the subtitles on the Youtube video of the full film I was watching got wildly out of sync. They were way ahead of the action, which was...

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