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Cruel Winter Blues 2006

a.k.a 열혈남아

Cruel Winter Blues Director : Jeong-beom Lee

Cruel Winter Blues Plot

A small-time crook, Jae-moon goes after the man who killed his mentor a few years earlier. Jae-moon meets Chi-gook, a retired taekwondo practitioner who becomes his partner and goes to the killer Dae-sik’s hometown. Chi-gook and Jae-moon devise a plan to kill Dae-sik, but as the day of reckoning approaches, Jae-moon meets Dae-sik’s mother, Jeom-sim, who reminds him of his hometown. As he sees Jeom-sim worrying over her son, he can’t proceed to kill him. However, the encounter of Dae-sik and Jae-moon takes places on the village’s field day.

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