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Court is streaming online on Netflix.

Court Plot

A sewerage worker's dead body is found inside a manhole in Mumbai. An ageing folk singer is tried in court on charges of abetment of suicide. He is accused of performing an inflammatory song which might have incited the worker to commit the act. As the trial unfolds, the personal lives of the lawyers and the judge involved in the case are observed outside the court.

Box Office

Budget : ₹35 mn
Box Office : ₹1.4 mn

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  • 5/5
By Nishi Taneja

This is one of the most real movies I have ever watched. It shows the normalcy in stagnation, carelessness and delay. It shows how truth does not stand in the COURT of life. It is scary to see how the lie is so normal and acceptable in Indian judiciary. This movie is a mirror to the real world and is definitely a must watch for everyone in India. Nothing has ever been as accurate to Indian judiciary as this movie. It is a marathi movie but completely understandable with subtitles.

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