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Mischievous botany professor Parimal Tripathi plays a little trick on his brother-in-law Raghav. Jealous of the high esteem in which his own wife, Sulekha, holds the other man, Parimal decides to impersonate Raghav's new driver. Laying the groundwork for a series of hilarious misunderstandings, the disguised professor throws doubt on his wife's fidelity and gets his best buddy, Sukumar, to help out by impersonating Parimal.

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Budget : est. ₹ 9.91 lakh

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  • 3.5/5
By MovieMavenGal

This is a very enjoyable farce where Dharmendra first impersonates a lowly caretaker, and then plays an elaborate prank on his new brother-in-law by becoming his driver. Amitabh plays his best friend. It was fun to watch Amitabh play a nerdy character. He really reminded me of Abhi's comedy in this. So different than most of what I have seen Amitabh do. This is my first time seeing Jaya so young, and she was absolutely adorable.

But on to the main pair of the movie. Dharmendra was amazing! Yes, I have seen Sholay (in less than ideal circumstances with my BIL laughing throughout.) But Dharmendra! He is SUCH a hottie in this, and so funny!

The subtitles I had were actually very...

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