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Choosi Choodangaane 2020

Choosi Choodangaane Director : Sesha Sindhu Rao

Choosi Choodangaane Plot

Choosi Choodangaane is a coming of age romantic comedy film set in Hyderabad. It is the story of Siddu (Shiva Kandukuri), through different stages of life. His relationship with his parents (Anish Y Kurivilla and Pavithra Lokesh), his struggles in his career, friendship and how he falls in love with Aishwarya (Malavika Satheesan) in college and what happens when he meets Shruti (Varsha Bollamma) at a later part in his life is depicted through this film. Siddu (Shiva Kandukuri) is portrayed as a wedding photographer in the film, while Shruti is a music composer and drummer in a band. The film uses a fourth wall narrative style in places and also has multiple perspectives portrayed.

Choosi Choodangaane Cast