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Chak De! India follows a team of rag-tag girls with their own agenda who form Team India competing for international fame in field hockey. Their coach, the ex-men's Indian National team captain, returns from a life of shame after being unjustly accused of match fixing in his last match. Can he give the girls the motivation required to win, while dealing with the shadows of his own past?

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Budget : ₹200 mn
Box Office : ₹1.27 bn

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  • 4.5/5
By Pratik Singh

The movie is a gem. Its another symbol of the maturing bollywood industry. May be its about time the industry took more risks and attempt at unconventional movies like this.

For me, the movie worked well in all departments. The patriotic bit, the direction BYTE, the editing BYTE, the acting bits etc.. :) And, I hope that this movie provides some food for thought to the corrupt (well, I know thats a lesser word, but let it be) administrators in Indian sports bodies. And to the people out there, remember people like Dhyanchand once again and may be produce more of such...

god bless India chak de India..

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