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Katinkas Kalas 2012

a.k.a Certain People

Katinkas Kalas Director : Levan Akin

Katinkas Kalas Plot

A small group of friends are gathered at Katinka's summer house to celebrate her birthday. The guests are all in their thirties, upper class, art world, liberal humanitarian bohemians. They sit on the floor smoking amongst books, antiques and modern art. The party sets off on a high note, when suddenly during dinner, two new guests arrive. Linda, a blonde game show hostess, is unexpectedly brought to the party by Katinka's brother. Linda is greeted warmly at first, her brusque and liberated manners are entertaining and fresh. But during the course of the evening Linda stretches the groups invisible social rules of hospitality. Contempt starts to grow, thus unfolding the groups hidden prejudices.

Katinkas Kalas Cast

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