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Cartoon is streaming online on Hoichoi and Youtube.

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Cartoonist Aritra’s life turns upside down when mysterious things start happening in his new apartment. Mayhem ensues when a paranormal activist dies suddenly.
Cartoon is a bengali horror, thriller web-series starring Paayel Sarkar and Mainak Banerjee. It is created by Sourav Chakraborty. Cartoon is currently streaming at Hoichoi and Youtube.

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Hoichoi presents Cartoon, a spine-tingling spookfest, about a cartoonist who finds that the new apartment they have moved into is haunted by animated ghosts! Will Aritra and his girlfriend get to the bottom of this unearthly mystery before the ghosts wreck their lives? #trailer
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  • 3.5/5
By Annabel George
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This web-series is filled with colors of suspense, the paranormal, fear and many others. Right from the beginning of Cartoon, you are filled with fear and doubt that there is something bad about the place where Aritra begins to live. The sound of the elevator moving up and down, creates this very feeling in you.

Like the English movie IT which uses a clown as a source of creating fear, here too, something as childlike and innocent as a cartoon, is ironically used to do the same.

If you are someone who enjoys this kind of a view, Cartoon is definitely something you must indulge in!

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