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Captain America: The First Avenger is streaming online on Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and Jio.

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During World War II, Steve Rogers is a sickly man from Brooklyn who's transformed into super-soldier Captain America to aid in the war effort. Rogers must stop the Red Skull – Adolf Hitler's ruthless head of weaponry, and the leader of an organization that intends to use a mysterious device of untold powers for world domination.

Box Office

Budget : $140-216.7 mn
Box Office : $370.6 mn

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By Shubham Baunthiyal

Captain America: the first Avenger, this movie was the first part of the so called Avenger's team. This was not able too get popular in India. It was Irom Man that caused a unrest in Indian audience to watch other Marvel movies. And a key reason behind Avengers being a hit was Captain America.

Like every Marvel movie it also ends with a suspense which cause you to watch the forthcoming Marvel movies, cause every movie made on the members of Avengers, before Avengers were all connected.

Captain America very nicely potrayed the comic version of Captain America by Stanley. It had a great history behind it. A great story, a visionary writer and a strong character Captain America.


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