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Brothers 2014

Brothers Director : Robert Eggers

Brothers Plot

A gripping, Cain-and-Abel tale.
Brothers is a thriller, drama movie starring Ethan Sailor and Griffen Fox Smith. It is directed by Robert Eggers.

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User Review
  • 2/5
By MovieMavenGal

I went to see this movie with a friend and we knew it was going to be bad going in, but oh, my goodness the first half is awful. People have talked about Siddarth and Jackie Schroff's performances, but I put most of the blame at the feet of the director and the editor. The first half, setting up the dramatic conflict, is so SLOW. Scenes that could take a minute take five. Jackie Schroff stumbles around taking forever to get across the point that he a drunk schmuck. I didn't think Siddarth was that bad -- but he sure wasn't given many lines to work with.

The fight scenes were effective in the second half -- mostly because there is no more perfect actor to play a mixed martial arts...

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