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Barah Aana is streaming online on Netflix and Jio.

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Barah Aana is a comedy of real life set in today's Mumbai. The story revolves around three unlikely friends: a driver (Naseeruddin Shah), a watchman (Vijay Raaz) and a waiter (Arjun Mathur). The driver is an older man, stoic but dependable. The watchman, in his 30's, is a pushover at work but otherwise mischievous. The waiter is a young, swaggering chap, brimming with ambition. Living together, their different attitudes make for an interesting banter.At some point, misfortune befalls the watchman, and due to a series of chance events, he stumbles into a crime. Striking upon a seemingly low-risk way to make good money, and discovering a new sense of self-confidence, he tries to entice the others to join him in a series of such crimes. Cat and mouse games ensue between the three as personalities change, but events soon spiral out of control, leading them in a direction that none of them had ever wanted to take...

Box Office

Budget : 2 cr
Box Office : 44 lakhs

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  • 2009 Trailer
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