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The story starts with a revenge murder. Chidambaram's aim was to chop Vadakkooran's hand but end up with killing him. Chidambaram and his father escapes from police and waiting for suitable time to surrender in the court.

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  • 4/5
By Sid
[contains spoilers]

Why I think #Asuran is much deeper than #ThevarMagan,

When you are rich and affluent, you have the liberty of talking peace and values. However, if you are struggling and being oppressed, peace is high-priced and striving for it deserves respect.

The flim revoles arounf Sivasamy, a hubmle and troubled farmer. It has beautifily shown the oppression recievied by people in Mid-60s to 80s. Cinematograpgy and Music has done justice to the exceptional acting by the cast.

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