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Set in the midst of the 2009 housing crisis, the life of Cassie Fowler, a single mother and struggling realtor, goes off the rails when she witnesses a murder.

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By Sha Shewakar

In 2009, in the midst of the real estate housing crisis, divorced realtor Cassie Fowler resides in Harding, Arizona with her 14 year-old daughter Morgan.

Cassie is ridiculed one morning by Gary, her aggressive boss. While Cassie is on the phone with a debt collector regarding the potential foreclosure of her own home, a client named Sonny enters the office, enraged at Gary because the house he was sold is losing value. The argument turns physical and culminates with Gary pushed over a ledge to his death. Sonny then notices Cassie, tries to convince her not to call the authorities, then knocks her unconscious and takes her to his house.

Sonny tells her he will let her go if she promises...

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