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Solomon, who belongs to a band, is in love with Soshanna, who hails from an upper class family. The story spells how Solomon manages to win over all the obstacles to marry Soshanna.

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By MovieMavenGal

Lijo Jose Pellissery's 2013 Malayalam film Amen has all the elements that should make it a tailor made movie for me. It's a quirky comedy about a band competition and the lead actor even plays the clarinet, the very instrument I played as a child. The film reminded me very much of the comedies of Michel Gondry or Wes Anderson. We have a cast of odd characters in this Kerala village. Pellissery seems to have a troupe of actors he likes to reuse -- like Wes Anderson does in his films. The film has a magical realism element to it, like the film Amelie. There's an inherent sweetness to the story, and a nostalgia for life in this little village with it's troubled church. The film opens...

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