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Achuvinte Amma 2005

a.k.a അച്ചുവിന്‍റെ അമ്മ

Achuvinte Amma Director : Sathyan Anthikad

Achuvinte Amma Plot

Achuvinte Amma is a movie that tells the deep rooted relation between a mother, Vanaja and a daughter Achu. Vanaja is a street smart LIC agent who has made it on her own. She lives with her only daughter Aswathy alias Achu who holds a diploma in Civil Engineering. Mother and daughter share a special relationship and are like friends. There is nothing that Achu hides from her mother. But the only thing taboo in their life is the talk about her father. Vanaja never speaks about Achu's father and Achu never asks her as she doesn't want to hurt her beloved mother. Their life moves smoothly until Immanuel John alias Ijo enters their life. They meet Ijo accidentally when they go to Trivandrum for attending an interview. After the first meeting, Achu and Ijo run into each other now and then, and a friendship develops between them.

Achuvinte Amma Cast

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