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Ayirathil Oruvan is streaming online on Jio, Eros Now, ZEE5 and Sun NXT.

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This mysterious tale revolves around the daughter of a missing archaeologist, who goes in search of the missing 'Chola' tribe with her helper (Karthi Sivakumar). They embark on a journey to find a missing sacred idol belonging to the Pandyan kingdom, that was captured by their arch-enemy, Chola kingdom some 900 years ago, which ultimately leads to the discovery of existing Cholas, who are eagerly awaiting their last ray of hope, a messenger who has been foretold, would take them back to their home land to reclaim their kingdom.

Box Office

Budget : ₹320 mn
Box Office : ₹850 mn

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  • 2.5/5
By Kabbilaash Kumar

I felt like running out of the movie hall when I was actually watching the movie, but now, the next day, I still keep thinking about it..that's the impact. I'm really not sure if I liked the movie or not. The movie has obvious reference to the LTTE, Sinhalese conflict. I just wiki'ed for any conflict between Cholas and Pandyas and found out that, Pandyas and Sinhalese joint handedly were responsible for the downfall of the Chola kingdom, not sure how far this could be true ;) . The Onk Bak 2 inspired portrayal of cholas and pandyas is very violent and horrifying. Andrea is such a bad choice for her role. Parthiban is so BRILLIANT in the movie!1st of all, my salute to selvaraghavan for such a...

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