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Good Windy Days 1980

a.k.a 바람불어 좋은 날

Good Windy Days Director : Jang-ho Lee

Good Windy Days Plot

Three friends, Duk-bae, Chun-sik, and Kil-nam, work each at a suburban Chinese restaurant, a barbershop, and a motel. The three friends are clueless about their future. They just share the drinks and love stories. Kil-nam is in love with Jin-ok working at a hair salon and Chun-sik is after Yu who also works at the barbershop. Naive Duk-bae's mind is torn between Chun-sun who works at a factory and an uptown girl Myung-hi. Their daily lives are never quiet. Chun-sik goes to jail for assault and Kil-nam departs to serve in the military. Three of them part with a promise that they will never give in to the hardships of life.

Good Windy Days Cast

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