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Balu and Mahalakshmi are both very competitive in college, which leads to ego clashes. When they meet again after a few years, they try to outdo each other until they realize that they are in love.

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By Vinny
Light-hearted Entertainer

This movie brings out the best of the romance genre in Tollywood. Combining the elements of the pressurized engineering and romance, 100% Love competently communicates to the youth of the country. The actors emote their characters very well and bring out the essence in the story. Though there is no complicated ending that's difficult to predict, the story makes sure that its not a pain to watch it breeze through. The comic scenes are superb and the childish nature of the characters make it an amusing watch.

The music is delightful. The song sequences are strategically placed and don't seem out of place at all. The direction and...

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