• Air date: 20 Sep '13 29 episodes
      Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch various business ideas to "The Sharks" -- tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons -- in hopes of landing an investment.
  • List of Episodes (29)
    • 1. Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 1

      20 Sep '13
      Savory cake balls; upgrading communication between patients and medical professionals; gourmet pickles; a mobile app for sending postcard.
    • 2. Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 2

      27 Sep '13
      Chic fashion accessories for dogs; a breathalyzer app; gourmet mango preserves; an update on the creator of spa-quality body scrubs.
    • 3. Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 3

      04 Oct '13
      Aromatherapy sprays to help kids afraid of the dark; a carrier for toddlers; protecting hair from cooking fumes; a cooking tray for ramen noodles.
    • 4. Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 4

      11 Oct '13
    • 5. Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 5

      18 Oct '13
    • 6. October 25, 2013

      25 Oct '13
      An entrepreneur accepts an unprecedented deal; a Halloween attraction; a product to help people communicate their feelings.
    • 7. November 1, 2013

      01 Nov '13
      Safe and natural cleaning products; a party cup with a hidden shot glass; a lightweight, electric bodyboard; a root cover for recently planted trees.
    • 8. November 8, 2013

      08 Nov '13
      Helping men with marriage proposals; a baby-bump sound system; a maker of bread puddings seeks an investment in her business; a safe fur color for dogs.
    • 9. Episode 9

      15 Nov '13
      A product that identifies home visitors; sending imaginative toys to kids through a subscription gift service; a slaw/salsa condiment; a cell phone app.
    • 10. November 22, 2013

      22 Nov '13
      Popular knee-high boot socks sold online; a stylish clutch for essential items; a way for kids to create and personalize lunchbox designs; customized chocolate bars; artisan cheese and glazed donut sandwiches.
    • 11. Episode 11

      06 Dec '13
      Boneless baby back ribs that only take two minutes to cook in a microwave; detachable mohawks for kids' safety helmets; a reality interface for video gamers.
    • 12. Episode 12

      13 Dec '13
      Solving a holiday headache with colorful, magnetic strands; an item to bridge the gap for interfaith families; a fun, new take on traditional Christmas sweaters; luxurious clip-in hair extensions.
    • 13. January 10, 2014

      10 Jan '14
      Mobile fitness company for kids; a way for fixing holes in walls; a solution for photos stacking up on smartphones; webcam privacy shield; Nuts N More update.
    • 14. Episode 14

      17 Jan '14
      A mask made of Alaskan glacial mud; powerstrips and surge protectors that blend in with hardwood floors; fanciful balloon designs; gourmet grilled cheese business update.
    • 15. January 24, 2014

      24 Jan '14
      Stylish baby shoes; emergency food-replacement pill; children's swimwear with sun protection; custom playing cards for exercise; Daisy Cakes follow-up.
    • 16. January 31, 2014

      31 Jan '14
      Guest judge Steve Tisch; one product has all the Sharks interested; gourmet edible cookie dough; organic flavored milk; an app that produces hands-free panoramic picture taking; interactive workout technology; Pro-NRG follow-up.
    • 17. February 21, 2014

      21 Feb '14
      A juice and smoothie cart powered by a vintage bicycle; classes that teach people how to pick locks, escape from handcuffs and disappear; a high-energy, zero-impact fitness program based on yoga; a breakfast brand featuring Southern specialties.
    • 18. Episode 18

      28 Feb '14
      A unique dating service; eco-friendly bamboo cleaning cloths; a fitted sheet and sleeping bag combo for making beds quickly; a buzzing medical device.
    • 19. Episode 19

      07 Mar '14
      A bike lighting system; clothing with reinforced knees and built-in squeakers for crawling babies; a shoe buffing pad that attaches to a power drill; modular shoelaces.
    • 20. March 14, 2014

      14 Mar '14
      Kids and teenagers present ideas that include a way to make drinking water more appealing, a business that tackles electronic waste and spicy-flavored raw honey; an update on Ryan's Barkery.
    • 21. Episode 21

      21 Mar '14
      Energy bars that include protein from crickets; a garage lock to prevent break-ins; a shower cap that fixes "bedhead"; digital textbook rentals; an update on Fiber Fix.
    • 22. April 4, 2014

      04 Apr '14
      A commerce flower business; anti-aging lifting strips; a breakaway hanger; tablewear made from renewable plant materials; a follow up of Groovebook.
    • 23. Episode 23

      10 Apr '14
      Barbara and Lori team up against Robert, Mark and Kevin over an enticing product; whimsical plush slippers; dynamic signage; trousers and leggings that lift the butt; bold-flavored nuts.
    • 24. Episode 24

      11 Apr '14
      A service that helps people find and hire music instructors; a way to stop accidental fire sprinkler activations; a battery charger made using fire and water; all-inclusive project kits; an update on a past investment.
    • 25. Episode 25

      18 Apr '14
      Smart light bulb; high-tech cork replacement; subscription service for children's books; fort-building construction kits for kids; a follow-up on the Breathometer.